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              Hello welcome to opulence nail page! 

What are my sizes???

each finger has a different size you would need to purchase a sizing kit in the desired shape you'd like. (each shape sizes different so please be sure to purchase the sizing  kit you'd like the shape of your nails in ) (we are not responsible for incorrect sizing )

How can I find out my sizes? 

purchasing a sizing kit is to ensure you get the best fit to your liking Or using the sizing guides down below. *we are not responsible if you size incorrectly. please be sure  to read each one and choose your sizes accordingly. example: pick your shape/ style.Then use measure and select your numbers and list them on your order starting with your left pinky. A video will be up on our IG for help with sizing. 

How long is the processing time?

All sets are hand made so please be sure if you have an event to purchase ahead of time processing time takes up to 7-10 business days. After orders are processed they will be shipped and depending how long the post office takes varies and what you choose at check out 

Color and finish disclaimer 


be mindful that each camera can pick up colors and finishes differently under different lighting. most sets are photographed under natural lighting. 

*if you don't pick a finish if optional  (matte or glossy ) the finish in the picture is what we will go by. 

Cancelation will only be accepted the first 24 hours of the order.

Can I reuse my pressons???

you sure can ! as long as you are  not heavy handed you can! 

What if I ordered the wrong size?!

if you order the wrong size unfortunately there is nothing we can do each set is hand crafted. sizing kits are recommended to get the correct sizes they are fo rsale in the sizing kits and adhesives






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